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Marshmallow Vanilla Gelato Scented Candle

Marshmallow Vanilla Gelato Scented Candle

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Our Marshmallow Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae candle is the perfect way to bring the sweet and creamy scent of a classic ice cream sundae into your home. The candle has a delightful blend of fresh marshmallow and creamy vanilla ice cream aroma, giving it an inviting and comforting scent. Not only does it smell great, but it won't cause a bad throat in the cold winter months. Treat yourself to the sweet smell of a classic ice cream sundae with this delightful candle.


All candles are tested for quality control to create the perfect balance of aroma and wax burning time. Candles are made out of all natural soy wax.

Net Weight: 270gms

Burning time: upto 40 hours

Hand poured in India. Properly cured for 2 weeks & ready to ship!

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