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Bubblegum Cupcake Scented Candle

Bubblegum Cupcake Scented Candle

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This Bubblegum Cupcake scented candle creates a sweet and nostalgic atmosphere with its delicious aroma. The wax is a beautiful light pink and blue hue, bringing to mind the sugary treat it is inspired by. It features a bright, fruity fragrance that will make any room smell like bubblegums. Light this candle and take a trip down memory lane with a delicious bubblegum cupcake.


All candles are tested for quality control to create the perfect balance of aroma and wax burning time. Candles are made out of all natural soy wax.

Net Weight : 100 gm.

Burning time: upto 10 hours

Hand poured in India. Properly cured for 2 weeks & ready to ship!

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