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Boulangerie- Wax Melts

Boulangerie- Wax Melts

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Step into the comforting embrace of a quaint French bakery with Whipandwick's Boulangerie Wax Melts. Inspired by the heartwarming scents of a traditional boulangerie, these melts capture the essence of cozy vanilla, evoking memories of freshly baked pastries and warm hearths. Each melt releases a soothing aroma that envelops your space in a blanket of warmth and nostalgia. Perfect for those seeking a touch of comfort and sweetness, Whipandwick's Boulangerie Wax Melts transform any room into a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. Immerse yourself in the inviting scent of vanilla, reminiscent of cherished moments and delightful treats, and let these wax melts elevate your ambiance to a realm of cozy contentment.

All wax melts are tested for quality control to create the perfect balance of aroma and pure soy wax.

Net Weight: 100gm

Shelf Life: 4-5 months

Hand Made in India.

Properly cured for 2 weeks and ready to ship.

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