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Arabian Nights- Wax Melts

Arabian Nights- Wax Melts

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Whipandwick's Arabian Nights Wax Melts whisk you away to a mesmerizing realm, drawing inspiration from the tales of ancient Arabia. Infused with the deep, woody notes of oud intertwined with the delicate fragrance of roses, each melt emanates a luxurious and captivating aroma. Tailored for the aficionado of fine scents, these melts not only elevate your space but also offer a moment of serenity, reminiscent of aromatic rose gardens amidst the backdrop of oriental mystique. Immerse yourself in the enchanting blend of oud and roses with Whipandwick's Arabian Nights Wax Melts, transforming any room into a haven of elegance and allure.

All wax melts are tested for quality control to create the perfect balance of aroma and pure soy wax.

Net Weight: 100gm

Shelf Life: 4-5 months

Hand Made in India.

Properly cured for 2 weeks and ready to ship.

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